How to Cook the Perfect New York Strip Steak

How to Cook the Perfect New York Strip Steak

Posted on: January 17, 2023

One of the few cuts of steak that every steak enthusiast can come together to love is New York strip steak. New York strip is one of the juiciest and more flavorful cuts of steak out there.

One of the few cuts of steak that every steak enthusiast can come together to love is New York strip steak. New York strip is one of the juiciest and more flavorful cuts of steak out there. If you’re planning to have this delicious cut of steak for yourself or with family and friends, well, you can’t go wrong with the New York strip. The ability to smoke this incredible cut in your own cozy backyard is an added blessing.

So, before you go out to buy your New York strip and plan your evening, let us take you through some simple steps and pointers on how to cook the perfect New York strip steak.

What Is the New York Strip Steak?

Before diving into the cooking techniques, it’s important to understand the New York strip and what sets it apart from the other cuts of steak. The New York strip is cut from the beef short loin. This cut makes it intense and bursting with flavor; however, it can be less tender than a filet mignon. Another unique factor that adds to the array of flavors of the New York strip is the fat marbling, which it tends to have more of than other cuts. The less tender texture provides a more sturdy bite, and it is one of the reasons people love New York strip steak.


Once you’ve understood what the New York strip steak is all about, let’s check some ingredients off the list before we get into the cooking.

– 2 x 16 ounce New York strip steaks

– 1 tbsp kosher salt

– 1 tbsp BBQ rub

– 1 tbsp oil (it can be vegetable, grapeseed, or avocado oil)

– 2 tbsp butter

How to Cook New York Strip Steak

Now that you’ve developed a basic understanding of New York strip steak and the ingredients required to cook it, let’s dive into the cooking instructions.

You will first need kosher salt and to season the steaks about 30 minutes before they hit the smoker. Until then, the steaks can rest in the fridge.

  1. After setting up your smoker to 180 °F (82 °C), you can use pecan or oak wood. Once the smoker is up to temperature, place your steak on the racks.
  2. Next up, insert a thermometer into one of the steaks; this is to monitor the internal temperature. Ideally, you want to take it out when the temperature hits 125 °F (52 °C) internally. Alternatively, you can smoke them for around 45 minutes if you don’t have a thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the meat.
  3. Let it smoke!
  4. Once you’ve hit the desired temperature, 125 °F (52 °C), you can pull the steaks out of the smoker.
  5. Next up, place a cast-iron skillet on your stove, and turn the heat to high.
  6. Once the skillet is hot, add in a tablespoon of oil.
  7. Sear the steaks on it for about 2 minutes on each side before flipping them. If you like your steaks a little pink, you can pull them off when the internal temperature hits 130 °F (54 °C) or simply when you think they look to your preference.
  8. Let them rest! Give the steaks at least 10 minutes to rest, and you can add a pat of butter on top before you serve.
  9. Done! The ever so delicious New York strip steak is ready to be served!

Quick Cooking Step-By-Step Summary

We understand that you might not have the kind of time to go over everything in the paragraph above. To make it even simpler, we’ve compiled all the most important points and summed them up for a quick skim if you’re short on time.

  1. Salt both sides of the steak, leave in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  2. Bring the smoker to 180 °F (82 °C) and start smoking the steak until the internal temperature reaches 125 °F (52 °C).
  3. Sear your steaks on a cast iron skillet on high heat—both sides, 2 minutes each side.
  4. Take off the skillet after steaks hit an internal temperature of 130 °F (54 °C).
  5. Let the steaks rest for 10 minutes minimum.
  6. Place a pat of butter on top and serve.

And there you have it! The New York strip steak is a truly marvelous cut of steak. Its unique qualities, such as explosively delicious flavor and a great texture, add heaps of personality to this cut of meat. Being able to smoke this in your own home is one of the most relaxing things you can do.

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Now that you understand all the basics of cooking the perfect New York strip steak, you’re definitely going to impress everyone who tries this scrumptious cut of steak. If not, simply enjoy it in the comfort of your own company! For more great ideas on how to get the most out of your Bradley Smoker, check out the awesome articles on our Bradley Smoker Food Smoking Blog for more tips & tricks.