Directions To Make the Best Whiskey With the Bradley Smoker

Directions To Make the Best Whiskey With the Bradley Smoker

Posted on: October 04, 2023

Smoking drinks have become a popular trend nowadays, and it is a process that can be done at home.

Smoking drinks have become a popular trend nowadays, and it is a process that can be done at home. With the arrival of home smokers, it is simple to smoke your favorite drink to give off a richer flavor. You can use smoke to enhance any form of a drink. By using a Bradley Smoker, you can smoke your whisky to improve its taste naturally with any flavor of your choice using flavored Bradley Bisquettes.

4 Steps to make whiskey with the Bradley smoker

The process to smoke your whisky using a Bradley smoker is fairly straightforward. Here are the most important 4 steps to follow:

#1. Choose your smoke: The first step involves gathering all the ingredients you will need during the smoking process and to choose your smoke. You will need to select the whiskey you want to smoke along with the flavor of Bradley Bisquettes.

Pro Tip: Only use smoke and don’t turn on the heat, we don’t want a fire hazard!

#2. Place your whiskey into a steel pan or pot. The pan or pot should be shallow to allow the smoke to contact with as much of the whiskey’s top surface area as possible to give it the right amount of smoke flavor.

#3. Create your smoke: It is now time to create the smoke. This is done by lighting the Bradley Bisquettes that you have chosen to use for this smoke. The bisquettes are easy to dispense and will burn for a longer time. One bisquette provides smoke for at least 20 minutes. Keep smoking the whiskey until you achieve the smokey flavor you want.

#4. Smoke your whiskey: Place the pan or pot filled with whiskey on the smoker rack and let it smoke for around thirty to forty minutes. When your whiskey is fully flavored and ready, remove from the smoker and leave it to cool down. Smoke enhances the whisky by adding flavor to it, depending on the wood used from the bisquettes. For instance, when you use Applewood bisquettes, your whisky will get the fruity flavour of apples. While mesquite wood bisquettes can give off an authentic smoky taste for your whiskey, making it more enjoyable.

Bradley Tips & Tricks For Better Smoked Whiskey

There are several Bradley tips & tricks we recommend to achieve a well-smoked whiskey. It does take a little bit of patience and experimenting to get right. Even if you don’t get it perfect the first time, it’s still a lot of fun. Here are a few of our best smoking tricks to incrase your odds of getting the perfect smoke whiskey.

#1. Go low and slow

The process of making whiskey in a smoker is done slowly on low indirect heat. Subjecting your whiskey to the smoker for an extended time makes the drink gain as much flavor as possible. You can add more sweet aromas to your drink by burning bisquettes from a variety of woods.

#2. Do not overdo the smoke

When you are smoking food or drink in your Bradley smoker, it is crucial to ensure that you do not overdo the smoke. That is why it pays to go low and slow. When you have too much smoke or your whiskey stays for a more extended period than it should be, the smoke will overpower the other flavors and may make it taste bitter. Also, your whiskey can evaporate during the process. With the Bradley Digital smoker, you can easily set the precise temperature and time you require for the preparation of your whiskey.

#3. Airflow is vital

One of the factors that affect bisquette burning is the airflow in the smoker. Proper airflow means sufficient oxygen supply in the smoker, since it is a requisite in the burning process. The optimal combustion of bisquettes is achieved with adequate airflow supply. A Bradley smoker has vents on the top side to make sure you have enough airflow. Keep the vent at least halfway open to serve as ventilation allowing for a high burn rate and clean smoke. The open vent also allows better circulation of the smoke from the bisquettes for your whisky to absorb the smoky flavor.

#4. Use Bradley Bisquettes

The secret of achieving the best results when smoking with Bradley smoker is using our bisquettes. They are uniquely designed to enable them to burn consistently for about 20 minutes at a time. They are available in a wide range of flavors and do not give your whiskey the foul flavor you get from other fuel sources that put off too much ash.

These bisquettes are easy to dispense and maintain. They are natural, giving off a clean smoky flavor every time.

#5. Do not wet your Bisquettes.

Bisquettes should be used dry. Many people think that if they wet wood, they can achieve more smoke. However, soaking them will affect the compacting pressure and moisture level, which will affect the burning effects of the bisquettes. Also, always ensure you store your bisquettes in a dry place.

Final Thoughts

It’s possible to give your whiskey an incredible smoky flavor with the Bradley smoker using the steps above which you will enjoy with every sip. Create your perfect whiskey smoke using Bradley bisquettes with the taste of your choice, and don’t forget to follow the Bradley tips & tricks food smoking blog to achieve delicious results.